Creating a Platform



Once a client decides to purchase a platform, the consultation stage begins. The client meets with the company's representatives and tells them his general idea and vision. The client is shown a work portfolio including past work, and chooses features to his liking.


Once the client approves the designed platform, a Platform Purchase Agreement is made and signed by the company and the client.

Designing the Platform

The company, together with its outsourced graphic designers and the client, designs a new brand for the client. This includes a logo, graphic assets, and new UI for all the apps purchased within the platform. The platform's basic design may be amended as well, to the liking of the client.


The company reaches out to both Apple and Android, in order to acquire the relevant licenses for each individual client. This process includes acquiring a DUNS number, apple developer accounts, apple developer certificates, android developer permits etc.

Creating the web platform

The company creates a web platform and secures it with different tools, including SSL certificates and backup servers. The chosen design in implemented into the web platform.

The website

The company and the client design a website together. some clients may be more involved than others. The website domain is purchased by the company and maintained by it. The company outsources graphic designers and web developers in order to create a custom, perfectly fitting website for the client.

Development and testing

Once the applications, including the new branding, are done, the company's outsourced developers and testers test the platform and applications. They create a user friendly and bug-free experience..


The client sees the new platform and applications complete for the first time. The client either approves the project, or asks for a revision. Certain revisions are free, and some require additional payment


The client is delivered a USB drive containing the codes and URLs of the Platform.

Post Delivery

Once the Platform has been delivered, the client is entitled to paid technical support services by the company.